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Milk Parlour Cleaner Chemical

FarmKleen is a remarkable eco-friendly milk parlour cleaner chemical that is an aqueous cleaning solution which was invented in the UK and is manufactured here as well. It is a breakthrough product in milking parlour cleaner technology which uses nano-energy particles to penetrate and lift off soiling and dirt by breaking the surface tension holding […]

Eco-Friendly Farm Machinery Cleaner Chemical

Our FarmKleen eco-friendly farm machinery cleaner chemical uses advanced formulation and nano technology ‘energy packages’ to penetrate and lift off muck, soiling, algae and cement stains from tractors, ploughs, harvesting and baling machines. Other hard surfaces can include shearing pens, yard concrete and flag stones, stone or brick walls, gutters and downpipes which come up […]

Eco-Friendly Animal Pen Cleaner

Perfect as an all-natural and eco-friendly animal pen cleaner chemical, FarmKleen has advanced formulation nano technology to lift off soiling and also has a quat biocide disinfectant so you can be sure of being great for hygiene as well Delivered in ready-to-use dilution 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans, this unique innovative pen cleaner chemical […]

Eco-Friendly Farm Cleaner Chemical

FarmKleen is an eco-friendly farm cleaner chemical that has careful formulation and uses nano technology to lift off manure, mud and soiling off surfaces to be cleaned and has a quat disinfectant so you can be sure of being rid of infection. The ease with which this farm cleaner chemical dislodges and disperse grime, algae […]

All-Natural Fruit Cleaner Chemical

The ideal all-natural fruit cleaner chemical, our FarmKleen cleaner utilises advanced formulation detergent and nano technology to lift any soiling off fruit and has a quality food-grade disinfectant so you can be sure of being rid of any nasties. Delivered in ready-to-use dilution 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans or 1 litre trigger sprays, this […]

Fruit And Vegetable Cleaner Chemical

Our eco friendly fruit and vegetable cleaner chemical is environmentally friendly and innovative and the FarmKleen product redefines what a cleaner is all about in both the food, agricultural, and industrial setting. A key British invention of recent years, clever formulation by an experienced cleaning expert has led to a reliable and stable detergent and […]