Pig Pen Cleaner Chemical

Perfect as an all-natural and eco-friendly animal pen cleaner chemical, FarmKleen has advanced formulation nano technology to lift off soiling and also has a quat biocide disinfectant so you can be sure of being great for hygiene as well

Delivered in ready-to-use dilution 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans, this unique innovative pen cleaner chemical is stable and very safe and certified as food-safe by Campden BRI and is one of the most flexible and versatile agricultural cleaners around.

Versatile – For Multiple Tasks

FarmKleen is at home as an excellent pre-wash to break down muck on machinery and it is as the perfect cleaner for sheep, cattle, or pig pens. The product contains absolutely no bleach or acids and yet breaks down dirt, algae, and grime with great vigour.

Users of this cleaner do not need to wear any PPE items and there are no hazard warning pictograms on the packaging of this aqueous cleaning solution. Yes, that’s right, its actually safer than the Fairy Liquid in the farm kitchen! You may also be able to add water to this chemical to stretch it out and save costs depending on the application.

How Does It Work?

This revolutionary and eco-friendly animal pen cleaner works using thousands of tiny nano energy packages in the aqueous cleaning solution that penetrate deeply and get underneath dirt and soiling to loosen and break the surface tension that holds dirt in place.

Eco Friendly Animal Pen Cleaner

This then leaves a super clean surface that is more difficult for dirt to grip onto thus there is less effort involved as well as less pollution and ultimately less cost.

The inclusion of a broad quat biocide disinfectant made by a Swiss supplier ensures that you have anti-bacterial and anti-virucidal properties as well as unparalleled cleaning performance.

How Is Best To Apply It?

When as a livestock area cleaner or vegetable wash solution it is probably best to spray the product on generously from a hand sprayer. When you are using to clean animal pens, chicken houses or as a when cleaning machinery, it is best to brush it with a soft or semi-stiff brush to achieve a light foam.

If you would like to request SDS sheets, a sample or discuss a particular cleaning challenge at your hatchery, farm or food production plant please contact us at:

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