Nanoenergy Cleaner Chemicals For Agriculture

FarmKleen multi-surface disinfectant cleaner utilises advanced formulation and nano energy ‘packages’ to lift any soiling or oil stains off hard surfaces, tractors, animal pens, machinery, fruit and so on with disinfectant so you can be confident of hygiene.

Used extensively in food production, this chemical is extraordinarily versatile and safe as a milk parlour cleaner, fruit and vegetable wash or for cleaning the combine.

Save on effort, cost, infection and pollution by switching to FarmKleen.

Delivered in ready-to-use dilution 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans, this unique cleaner chemical is stable and very safe and certified as food-safe by Campden BRI and is one of the most flexible and versatile agricultural cleaning agents around.

Equally at home as a pre-wash to break down muck on tractors or ploughs as it is as the perfect cleaner for produce handling areas, packing lines or pig pens, FarmKleen is a pH neutral product that contains no bleach or acids and yet breaks down dirt, algae, and grime with great vigour.