Tractor Cleaning Products

In the realm of tractor cleaning products, FarmKleen has few equals because of the innovative blend of powerful and effective nano technology cleaning that is gentle, safe, easy to use, and is so environmentally friendly that it will not kill plants or grass, is safe as effluent in drains, and is even safe for humans and pets!

Tractor Cleaning Products

Experience The Power Of Nano Tech On Your Farm

A British-made nano-tech cleaner, FarmKleen is a fantastic option as a tractor and machinery cleaning product or for cleaning pens and yards.

It uses nanoenergy packages to penetrate deeply thorough soiling or even long-standing algae growth and dislodge it harmlessly for fast rinsing off with water.

Watch as FarmKleen dislodges dirt, grime, cow poo, flies, oil stains, fuel spills and brake dust from your farm machines, stable doors or yard flagstones with ease!

Just spray on from a trigger spray or puddle the product and then rinse off with hose, pressure washer or leave it in the rain for a while.

Eco-Friendly And Safety Characteristics

Have you heard of a tractor cleaner product that you could safely drink before?!

While we would recommend you drink something else, this is a food-grade cleaner chemical. As a consequence, it is entirely pet safe for any livestock or pets around and indeed is so safe that it would not harm gold fish in your pond or a stream and drains.

FarmKleen is a pH neutral cleaner that is made from all natural ingredients. It contains no acids, and no alkalis or bleach and users do not require to wear any PPE items.

Tractor Cleaning Products

So, if you are a fleet manager looking after cleaning tractors, pickups, vans, cars, ploughs, combines, or motor bikes there is no headache around discharging into the waste drainage system.

How To Use For Cleaning Tractors

We recommend using a trigger sprayer or pump sprayer such as would be used for weed killer spray or at an attended car wash site.

First brush off loose debris and mud and spray on generously and give it a minute before agitating with a brush gently. Agitate further with a microfibre cleaning cloth or soft vehicle cleaning brush and then rinse off with a hose and plenty of water, if you have a pressure washer that’s ideal for rinsing off.

Did You Buy Too Much By Mistake?

Don’t worry, it is an awesome decking and patio cleaner safe for plants chemical as well and has high power farm disinfectant within it and so is perfect for a large array of tasks around any rural or agricultural setting.

Tractor Cleaning Products

This remarkable product is formulated in a unique manner from all-natural ingredients and used widely in the food manufacturing industry for cleaning and hygiene. It is safe for any aquatic environment and safe if it finds its way into a water course via run-off.

What Does It Cost And How Can I Order?

FarmKleen 5 Litre Jerrycan        = £20.00 + VAT + Carriage

FarmKleen 20 Litre Jerrycan     = £66.00 + VAT + Carriage

The FarmKleen nanotechnology cleaner can be ordered online by clicking on the button below and we provide fast deliver by courier all over the UK:

Eco-friendly milk parlour cleaner

If you would like to request SDS sheets or discuss a particular cleaning challenge at your hatchery, farm or food plant or abattoir please contact us at:

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