Horse Stable Cleaner Chemical

Our eco friendly fruit and vegetable cleaner chemical is environmentally friendly and innovative and the FarmKleen product redefines what a cleaner is all about in both the food, agricultural, and industrial setting.

A key British invention of recent years, clever formulation by an experienced cleaning expert has led to a reliable and stable detergent and aqueous cleaning solution that cleans incredibly well by penetrating through soiling and dislodging the grime, manure, dirt or algae so that it is lifted off for rinsing.

Eco Friendly Fruit And Vegetables Cleaner Chemical

Eco friendly cleaners are becoming more common in agriculture, building maintenance, piggeries, hatcheries contract cleaning and construction and this is a highly effective product whose run-off is harmless to aquatic life and it is even a certified food-safe product by Campden BRI so there is no harm to us or our pets!

How Does FarmKleen Work?

It is very different from conventional cleaning chemicals and utilises nano-energy packages within the mix that penetrate deeply and lift off the dirt leaving a clean surface that also lasts for longer.

These nano-energy packages could be thought of as being like piranhas in the River Amazon that are just milling around and waiting to attack and tear dirt away like piranhas would feed by tearing meat off the bones of a cow, wild pig, or sheep.

How Is It Supplied?

We supply our fruit and vegetable cleaners as ready-to-use dilution products in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans which can be distributed all over the UK to your door or purchased through reputable and respected dealers for agricultural products like StowAg company.

You can water down FarmKleen further by adding water according to the application, please keep in mind that when spraying the product less actual chemical comes in contact with the surface being worked on so several coats may be needed.

Eco Friendly Fruit And Vegetables Cleaner Chemical

Is It Really That Safe?

Yes. FarmKleen really is a winner. A non-toxic and non-hazardous product – even your Fairy Liquid has hazard pictograms on it but not this! Staff using the cleaner do not need any PPE items although it may be advisable to wear gloves if in prolonged contact.

Download the FarmKleen technical standards report here and contact us on for a data sheet.

The product contains no acids and no bleach.

How Can I Order It?

We can supply you anywhere in the UK mainland next day and online payment is via PayPal; please note you can pay be credit or debit card and do not need to have a PayPal account yourself. In the event of any difficulty please call us on 01324 309100.

As it is a pH neutral product with strong penetrating cleaning action, this product is also ideal for stone cleaning, especially the less porous types like granite. Also suitable as an ultra-safe cleaner for render, plastic fascia’s, tarmac, roughcasting, wooden decking and driveways.

Using FarmKleen is a revelation in muck shifting when washing down or pressure washing tractors, combines or ploughs, the speed of action in breaking down dirt or algae is impressive and comprehensive.

Save yourself EFFORT, MONEY, TIME, POLLUTION and INFECTIONS by trying out FarmKleen – a powerful UK-Made eco-friendly fruit and vegetables cleaner chemcial especially suitable for the challenges of the agribusiness world.  

If you would like to request SDS sheets, a sample or discuss a particular cleaning challenge at your farm or food production plant or abattoir please contact us at:

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