StoneKleen is one of the best eco-friendly granite worktop cleaner chemicals on the market. It is made in the UK from all-natural ingredients and uses nano technology cleaning to penetrate through any soiling, algae, oil stains, or grease on worktops to revive them to a clean and polished finish.

Granite Worktop Cleaner

This granite worktop cleaner chemical (GTIN 5070000371733) penetrates deeply and dislodges food stains, grease and grime so as to clean the surface so that it tends to resist dirt gripping to it afterwards and because it is food-grade and pH neutral it is both safe and a pleasure to work with.

Although granite seems such a robust stone it is important not to use acidic cleaners as they can damage or dull the highly polished finish of your kitchen or utility room’s granite work surfaces or countertops.

Useful as a granite countertop cleaner and for granite flooring, tiles, and outdoors for garden stone work, granite setts, driveways, and walls that become weathered and grimy from pollution, algae and so on.

Granite Worktop Cleaner

Many stone cleaning chemicals use biocides or disinfectants like sodium hypochlorite to kill algae on stonework whereas this eco-friendly granite worktop cleaner actually dislodges the soiling using the nano-energy packages to break surface tension.

It is also odourless and pH neutral with no acids, no bleach, and no alkalis. A remarkable cleaner product which combines high performance, high safety, and low risk. Safe for you, for pets, safe in water, sceptic tanks and bio digesters, for use near plants and lawns, and also food-safe, download the data sheet below.

StoneKleen is a good value granite worktop cleaner available to buy online as ready-to-use RTU format in 5 litre and 20 litre jerrycans. This is at the correct dilution for use straight away; please do not dilute any further. If you are a stone cleaning contractor needing a large quantity please do contact us as we can help.

Download the StoneKleen Granite Worktop Cleaner technical data sheet MSDS.

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